Repair service

Yacht repair service in Mallorca

We carry out all kinds of repairs related to problems with the installation on board

We are aware of our clients’ needs and we prioritize emergency repairs of the installation onboard, or to a fault in a specific piece of equipment, during the high season, putting our team to work and solving the problem, allowing the boat to continue its itinerary.

Autopilots, GPS, sounders, radars, gyrocompasses, instruments, VHF, SSB, Navtex, Sat-C and V-SAT are some examples of equipment where we can offer maintenance service and repairs.

Our workshop is equipped with all the necessary technologies, test equipment, GMDSS tester, analysers and the instruments needed to carry out diagnosis and repair of on-board systems.

We prioritise situations where lead time is crucial: boat departure, shipowner arrival, guests onboard, and so on.

We make an effort to ensure spare parts arrive as quickly as possible. Our wide contact network makes it possible for us to source any spare part and to do so in accordance with deadlines set by the customer.

We only use original spare parts for our repairs.

Our logistics department analyses each case in depth to be able to choose the best means/company available, according to budget and delivery times.

We can send spare parts to any part of the world, and our technical team is ready to travel anywhere they are needed to carry out repairs.

We solve technical problems by using original spare parts and prioritising situations where the vessel’s date of departure and/or arrival of owner or guests takes precedence over everything else.

We also offer these services:


More than 40 years of experience makes us today one of the leading companies in the sector


Our technical department can develop your project and make it happen

Maintenance plans

Our equipment maintenance plans allow us to guarantee that they work perfectly on board

Connectivity solutions

We can connect you with the world in just a few steps