Maintenance plans

Yacht maintenance in Mallorca

Our equipment maintenance plans allow us to guarantee that they work perfectly on board

We have had great success with our PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PLANS.

They let us guarantee that the equipment onboard operates as it should, something that is especially important in the middle of high season.

The procedure varies depending on the type of equipment involved, but the most common projects are: checking software versions to update them to the latest versions, measuring optimal performance of antennas, VHF and SSB transmission and reception, verifying that all equipment works properly, as well as the actions recommended by manufacturers, such as annual services for the gyrocompass or replacing magnetrons in accordance with their useful life.

This includes preventive check-ups of fundamental equipment such as gyrocompass, speed log, depth sounders, radars and so on.

Some of the most common plans are:

Radar inspections.

Checking magnetron, antennas in general, VHF/SSB, speed log/depth transducers good performance.

Software updates.

Gyro maintenance service.

General condition of the installations; checking wires, connectors and insulation.

GMDSS shore based maintenance agreements.

We prevent complicated situations from occurring by ensuring equipment reliability and correct functioning, minimising costs and making day-to-day operations easier for the crew, owners and guests, so that they can enjoy the season as much as possible.

We also offer these services:


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Our technical department can develop your project and make it happen

Repair service

We carry out all kinds of repairs related to problems with the installation on board

Connectivity solutions

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