Connectivity solutions

Yacht connectivity solutions in Mallorca

We can connect you with the world in just a few steps

We have a wide range of providers, which makes it possible for us to offer a vast array of on-board services such as voice lines, data cards, Fleet One services, Fleet Broad Band, Inmarsat, and so on.

Our specialised team can advise you on the best solutions for your needs, offering the best options on the market and putting client interest first, advising on how to choose the most convenient plans for each specific case.

Some of the most requested services are:

Mobile voice and data lines.

Data SIM cards, for use in Spain and in Europe Zone 1 (ask for countries).

Fleet Broad Band, contract or prepaid.

Fleet One Coastal or Global, both either contract or prepaid.

SAT-C service.

Iridium GO!


yacht connectivity solutions in Mallorca



COVERAGE: from STP to Club de Mar

SPEED: 5Mb upload / 5Mb download (higher speed available upon request)

Mb INCLUDED: unlimited

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: access point supplied by us

INSTALLATION: included a basic installation of connecting the antenna to the boat network (if a modification of the distribution is needed it will be invoiced by our hourly rate)

We also offer these services:


More than 40 years of experience makes us today one of the leading companies in the sector


Our technical department can develop your project and make it happen

Maintenance plans

Our equipment maintenance plans allow us to guarantee that they work perfectly on board

Repair service

We carry out all kinds of repairs related to problems with the installation on board